Beware buyers and sellers – Does your real estate agent have your best interests in mind?

by Dori Tery on July 6, 2013

How to choose your real estate agent that have your best interests in mind?

There are some homebuyers who always grumble that their real estate agents seem to be more interested in closing a deal on a property and collecting their commission check than helping the buyer find a right home at an affordable price.

Not only are the homebuyers concerned about their real estate agents but the sellers too feel the pressure given by the brokers to make some outrageous price reductions in order to accept an offer and this makes the sellers often receive an amount that is much less than what they had hoped for.

The fact that both the sellers and buyers don’t realize is that in most cases, the agents have no legal liability that can force them to look at your best interests. Did you know that according to the laws of 25 states, the brokers are allowed to offer services to the buyers and sellers without following any kind of fiduciary duties of obedience or loyalty?

If you haven’t, you should also be aware of the fact that there are 50 states that offer avenues to all those brokers who “double end” a deal, working jointly with the seller and the buyer within the same transaction and avoiding the need for splitting the commission income with another cooperating broker.

In such cases, neither the seller nor the buyer is fully represented. As the real estate brokers rely on referrals and repeat the customers, all the scrupulous real estate brokers and agents strive hard to provide higher level of service, whether they’re supporting their clients in “single agency” relationships or double-ending deals.

The relationship between a seller and an agent – What should the homeowner expect?

We all wish that the sale of our home is completed in a successful manner. Selling our home doesn’t only mean signing the dotted line and handing over the property to a new client. Listing your real estate property with an agent will make you feel comfortable as this step will help you save your dollars and time and will also help you avoid any heartbreak or headache.

The first discussion of selling your house will involve certain intricate details and during this process, if you’re blessed with the company of a real estate agent, you can take better financial decisions. Once you finish up with the task of choosing the right agent, it’s high time that you get back to building a true good relationship with your agent.

Whether you’ve planned to sell off your home shortly or in the near future, it is certainly better to contact a qualified agent early so that you can benefit from his experience. He will assist you by gathering information straight from the market and will also help you avoid any mistakes while selling off your home. Choose a trustworthy real estate agent who has your best interests in mind and ask him certain questions that will prove his excellence in the subject.

So, when it comes to buying and selling of your home, you should ensure taking the above mentioned points into consideration. Choose a broker and take the best steps forward to sell your home at the best possible price.

Video – How to Find and Choose A Real Estate Agent

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