What is RMA Form?

by Dori Tery on August 18, 2013

Utility Of RMA Form

RMA is basically an alphanumeric identifier that implies that a user is authorized by a certain company representative to return the product on the basis of a defect, or can ask refund of money. RMA stands for Return Merchandize Agreement. By utilizing RMA, a procedure both the manufacturer of the goods and the buyer can get full information about the present transitional status of the product in question.

Now what is the purpose of the RMA? The answer is simple. Through the means of RMA form the manufacture will get to know the real reason behind the return of the product, which is directed to repair or refund. An additional service is provided, if the problem is not so severe then manufacturing company can arrange an interactive session between the consumer and the company representative. It can be concluded as the final resort on the part of the manufacturers to sort out problems and dissatisfactions in the mind of customers.

Importance of RMA form

RMA form filling is actually must for consumers if they desire to return the product to its manufacturing company within the warranty period. That way, consumers can ask for another replacement product from that same retailer. Often clients are identified as the Risk Management Association, standing in aid for bankers to handle the impacts of different credit risks.

Reason for incorporating RMA number

A Return Merchandise Authorization number is fundamentally an access number forwarded by the manufacturer right after permitting a good eligible for return. Now the manufacturer won’t be able to process your return or any return fees if there is no valid RMA number. As a result, they will be treated as a recycled items. The retailer or manufacturer issues RMA number such as RMA0000 to initiate the further process.

RMA work procedure

RMA form can be procured from the place where the goods are purchased. If you are not getting a chance of contacting the store within the replacement period, then you definitely have to contact the manufacturer directly by means of RMA form. The concerning manufacturer places forward some time restriction and if you request for a refund. After reviewing your request and getting it approved the retailer will provide you with an RMA number along with detailed specifications. Now all you need to do, is send them the product to the address given by them. The RMA number must be written clearly outside the package. Your return of the product will not be entertained if you miss two things.

– First is the address they would send for product return and mentioning a valid RMA number.
– The second is, If you have your articles missing from shipment, or receive the mistaken items, or somehow your package was lost or damaged during transportation, then manufacturer often shift the burden on the shoulder of customer care.

RMA form specification

rma formAfter contacting the call centers, the support agent tries to troubleshoot the difficulty, hand in hand provides ample knowledge about the eligibility of the RMA. Now the RMA form demands details regarding the product and its owner. The structure of the forum though varies slightly from one manufacturing house to another, but overall they are pretty identical. Now all you have to select which sort of RMA you want and why. Often the form demands the damaged image of the article to be uploaded. This form also serves as a registration form and if the information, which is filled, proves to be valid enough then the company representative contacts the customer. In addition, provides RMA number though email notification.

An RMA form permits a customer to return back goods, for the sake of repair or refund. If done accordingly it does not take much time to sort out RMA issues.

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