Steps Buy A House That Really Work!

by Dori Tery on April 4, 2013

Step that Differentiate Want to Buy a House from Need to Buy a House

Just as with any other major buying a decision, the first step is purchasing housing is to determine what is you want versus what it is you need. Begin by determining what is most important to you about a new home. Is the quality of the schools that your children will attend top priority? Or, is it more important that you are free to take that big promotion when it comes your way – the one that will require you to move across the country? You also need to examine your budget and determine how much you can and are willing to spend on housing costs.

Generally, house hunting and apartment shopping is exciting, although it may also be exhausting, frustrating, and confusing. One way to make the experience as pleasant as possible is to know as much about what you want before you begin to look. First, consider location. Life in the country is a lot different from life in the suburbs, which is a lot different from life in the city. Determine what is most important to you: solitude, community, or the action that the city life promises? Once you are convinced which setting suits you, consider the neighborhood. Is it safe? Is it convenient to you job, to shopping, to schools? And what about the schools? How does the school district in the neighborhood you are considering compare to other districts in the state or province and across the country?

Steps Buy A House – You Must Do Your Homework

When you first consider buying a home, you must-as with any major purchase-do your homework. Your homework regarding home ownership is twofold. First, you must investigate the potential home and all that goes with it-the neighborhood, the lifestyle of the community, and to what degree the home fits your needs. The second part of your homework includes understanding how much you can afford to pay for a home. Let’s first talk about how to research the kind of neighborhood and lifestyle of the community that best suits you.

Without question, the place to start, if you are trying to find out about a new community, is the Internet – and you will want to visit more than one website. There are some great websites devoted to providing you help in choosing a place to live. One of the best is the Neighborhood Search at Homes.Com. The Neighborhood Search gives you the city’s total population and its population in different age groups; the median age of residents; crime statistics, median household income; median household net worth; information on local schools including discretionary dollars per pupils, student per teacher ratio; educational climate, instructional computers, and more; and weather for that area. Another great Website is This website provides cost of living comparisons between cities, city reports, crime statistics, school reports, along with information on choosing the right school for your children.

steps buy a houseBut of course one of the biggest elements that will help decide where to live is money. How do you even know what buying a home costs? Let’s get to work on answering this important question. To make a sound decision about what to buy, where to buy, or whether to buy at all, you need to understand the costs that come with home ownership. The costs of home ownership can be divided into (a) one time or initial costs (b) recurring costs and (3) maintenance and operating costs. Let’s understand them now.

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