Clever Tactics for Pricing Your House to Sell

by Dori Tery on June 28, 2013

What Are The Best Tactics For Pricing Your House?

Setting the price for your house can be a difficult matter, and it takes careful consideration on your part. The price you ask will help to determine how many people even decide to take a look at it. You could get an appraisal, or ask your real estate agent his or her opinion about what your house is worth. But you shouldn’t rely completely on someone else to set the price, as it’s your home and your finances that are at stake. Let’s take a look at some of the main points that are relevant when you are deciding on how to price your house to sell.

The lot your home is on is something that must be factored in when deciding upon your asking price. Consider any advantages offered by your lot. The amount of acreage, of course, is always a relevant factor. Privacy, views, a garden and trees that provide shade can all make a house more comfortable and attractive. It’s important that you (or your realtor) lists every aspect of your property that will make it more attractive to potential buyers. There’s also the issue of making the most of what you have, so when selling your home it’s essential to maintain your entire property so it looks its best.

A very difficult part of the selling process is showing your house to potential buyers and not getting any offers on it. If your prospects aren’t biting, then it is possible your real estate agent is not properly qualifying these individuals. To make themselves look better, and more busy, some realtors like to show as many homes as they can. Likewise, some people like to look at homes, even if they aren’t actually financially qualified to buy one right now. To make sure that you are getting only qualified individuals, your realtor should prequalify everyone before they come over.

Reassessing your asking price may be what you need to do, especially if you have been showing your home for some time without a single offer. If people are interested in seeing your home, it obviously has some appeal. However, even if you do have visitors, if they are not making an offer, and the price is simply too high. Anyone that stops by to see your home may actually be looking at other homes in the same vicinity. With that in mind, prospective buyers will purchase a home like yours if they find it, especially if your price too high. To win against other homes in your neighborhood, you simply have to lower the price that you are asking. You don’t have to lower it drastically, but even five percent can sometimes make a difference.

The price that you inevitably ask for your home should factor in everything that we have discussed in this article. Always consider every option that is on the table. You will probably find the right price point, but make sure you do your research before finalizing on one. Once you have covered all of the basics, but you need to do is maintain the appearance of your home. Do that, and eventually, a buyer will come.

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